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Hello disappointed fans!

ADT appears to be potentially back among the living!

Zdm has gotten a hold of dvd raws and will now be serving as encoder.  We have Cecelia on QC/Timing, Th30ne on TL, H20 on TLC, and myself filling whatever roles are leftover to complete a release.

Status update:

Episode 58 will be reencoded using dvd raws and a v2 will be released.

59-78 are all awaiting their dvd raws to be encoded.

59 has been tld and is awaiting retiming and QC after dvd encode.

60 and 61 have been tld and are still pending timing and QC

62+ are still pending TL

Zdm plans to begin encoding 480p files later this week.  Once we have those we will begin preparing releases.


Our current staff is mostly busy with other groups or busy with life in general, so any help is welcome.  Help with TL and TLC is always welcome, and we have a need for timers.  All other roles are welcome to join as well.

For TLs ideally you should be confident with Cantonese, but if you are able to read traditional chinese we welcome TLing from the subtitles in the rmvb raws.


Jul 03 EDIT:

Okay so it took a lot longer than I originally thought 😦  Our former encoder returned to save the day after the new one didn’t want to encode afterall and now the former has access to ISOs finally.  A release schedule will be hard to promise, but at the least I’m feeling hopeful of “more often than once every few years.”  Perhaps even once every month.  We’ll see.

Episode 58 is ready for rerelease now.  I’ll make a new post with that as soon as our distro gets it ready for the grabbing.  59 is awaiting encoding and QC.  I’m hoping to get it out there within a couple weeks.  Join our IRC channel and make noise!  It might help, maybe.


Episode 58

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There it’s out, finally. SD version from the DVDs since that’s all we have. I don’t think we will be re-releasing in the normal format so blame GJdan.

Episode 58 torrent

Hopefully episode 59 not too far off.

EDITDDL for all released episodes.

Update on Condor Hero

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Well a lot of crap and drama happened over the last year which caused the massive delay in episode 58. When it ended, all of our TLCers went missing or quit. So we were stuck for a few months there.

Now onto good news. We have found a reliable TLCer/translator and episode 58 is now ready for encode and future episodes can be worked on. However, we have some bad news. Our useless leader GJdan went missing and took the DVD sources with him and our encoder’s files were on a now dead HD (it’s been 9 months afterall).

So what that means is episode 58 can currently only be released using our workraw since that’s the only source I have, and future episodes will be tv rip/rmvb quality only? I don’t think our encoder will even touch that. If you know where to find the DVDs or track down GJdan, please let us know.

If all else fails, 58 will be released as is, and be the final DVD version we put out. 😦

Edit- Actually episode 59 workraw was made before the meltdown, so we can release that DVD version as well albeit in the same format as 58.

Condor Hero 57

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No we aren’t dead. But it sure took a long time to get this done. GJdan was being super lazy as usual, and someone threatened to take over as new leader. On the bright side, we found two more TLCers. Will they stay with us to the end? We’ll see about that. But here you go, and 58 should be out before May.



Condor Heroes Eps 55-56

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What the fack?! I bet you weren’t expecting this? Neither was I? ;\

Just kidding. The team coughleadercough FINALLY decided to come back and so, here we are with releasing again. We’ll try to finish this series before… uh, 2012?

Anyway, we tried our best to to get these out. We hope that mistakes are free but no guarantee. ;/

Let us know if you have any questions/concerns. Visit our channel, comment in an entry, or whatever.

ps. The initial distro will be slow. I apologize. o/ –TO THE MU DDL LINKS BELOW~ ;>

Torrent Ep 55

MU- Ep 55

Torrent Ep56

MU – Ep 56

EDIT by Zdm321:
55 and 56 are on the bot now!
In other news, Sora no Manimani is dropped.  Go with Koharubi’s release, since they (finally) finished up all the DVD Specials.
Will we pick up something else to fill Manimani’s gap?  Saa, who knows?

Sora no Manimanimanimanimani – SE 5

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And you thought the show was over!

TorrentMegaupload DDL

SE 4 is another music video, which we will (probably) do eventually.  SE 6… I’ll have to check and see if it’s another music video.  If it is, it’ll come eventually.  If it’s a regular mini-episode, it’ll be done before SE 4. It’s another music video, this time featuring the student council president.

Legend of ZOMG Ep 53v2

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HRMMM k, I guess I’m stuck making these posts >.>

We had a couple additions to our staff, one of which speaks canto 😀 and they pointed out changes to 53 so HERE’S A V2!  ain’t that fun? you know the drill, if you’re happy with v1 keep it, but if you’re dling for the first time or you’re a picky arse, take v2 😀 seed plz.




Also 54’s out, but that’s not nearly as exciting, is it?



Bots on the chan, enjoy!